How to get Fruit Ninja Critical Hits

Fruit Ninja game for iPhone and iPad is one of those phone games that will just cause a frenzy! You are basically a ninja and your fingers transform into sharp blades that slice-up fruit like crazy! But if you’re aiming for a Fruit Ninja high score, you must know about the Fruit Ninja Critical Hit.

Some believe that Fruit Ninja Critical Hit bonus is given to you randomly, but after playing Fruit Ninja for some time now, I’ve noticed Fruit Ninja Critical Hit is given when you slice fruits that are very close to bombs without cutting the bombs. You should also know that getting 6 Fruit Ninja Critical Hit in one round of the classic mode will give you the Lucky Ninja achievement and 60 extra points to you total score.

In each round of the Fruit Ninja game you will also have several critical fruits and the Fruit Ninja Critical Hit applied o them will give you an extra 10 points instead of 1 point per fruit. Cut as many fruits as you can so you’ll make sure you don’t miss your Fruit Ninja Critical Hit and speed your way to the top of Fruit Ninja high score board.

The Fruit Ninja Critical fruits are places strategically throughout the game and are more likely to be placed near bombs or in almost impossible positions, in order to make your Fruit Ninja Critical Hit almost impossible. But a real ninja never gives up! So sharpen you fingers, take a deep breath and make sure you don’t miss that one important Fruit Ninja Critical Hit!

26 Responses to How to get Fruit Ninja Critical Hits

  1. Seaways

    nope . in classic mode , in the first 6 fruits , where no bombs are summoned yet , i get critical hits , also in zen mode , i get critical hits … NEGATIVE ..

    • jmassey119

      u r right

    • Awesome face

      The first guy is right so just listen to him

    • Morteza

      without any bomb in classic mode,you can get Critical attack…..

  2. Nick Smith

    This isn’t right…I frequently get criticals when only a fruit comes up and no bombs…and like Seaways said they happen in Zen mode too

  3. jmassey119

    this source is kinda inaccurate

    • Gertie

      Your posntig really straightened me out. Thanks!

    • Will

      I can’t get a critical

  4. Joora

    Guys, i think it comes when you slowly hit the fruit. :) try, it works on PC.

  5. Honestly


  6. shabnam

    fail! u get critical hits when u slice a fruit in many parts.try it;)

  7. Kevin

    u get it when u slice it and then stop at the center of the fruit

  8. Monstr

    Will some1 plz qibla me a good answer!!! If tried all of them and all of them sometimes work

  9. Monstr


  10. A-ninja

    I think different things can cause a critical hit. Sometimes it’s random, and other times you do something to get it. Personally it usually happens when I hit a fruit slowly. I tried it out and it worked, but not consistently.

  11. MEMEME


  12. Kookeekwisp

    I think one of the blade’s polygon points has to hit the middle of the fruit, so yeah it’s random.

  13. cuttyfruit55

    Come on u guys ur morons simply look in the about menu it cleary says criticals are RANDOM!!!! In all game modes

  14. FruitninjaMaster

    If u want to have critical hits try out what i say:>

    first point the slicer in here

    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]

    then slice the fruit you want.

    repeat and repeat it and you alwaysgot a critical i have already tried it.
    it works :>

    • grrrr

      that really doesnt make sense.

  15. Eduardo salinas

    It is random look at the menu”about”

  16. Angelina

    On the about, it says, “Look out for bombs, hope for random criticals, and make Sensei proud!” Criticals are completely random.

    • grrrr

      i agree, but trying to slice the fruit does make it more common i reckon. but yea, it is random.

  17. hero600

    I once had 6 criticals in a row in classic,was trying to hit them in the middle

  18. tehrealmz

    fail cause in your second photo in the top of the page you get a critical and there is no bomb!

  19. Fruitninjafreak

    On menu go to about then it says criticals are RANDOM!!

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